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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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something else, olympic all around champion. douglas will compete for the individual all around gold medal, the biggest prize in her sport. she has a good shot at it. she had four strong routines and claimed the highest score of any gymnast in the competition. she will have tough competition. >> i put it under my clothes because i don't want anybody to steal it. i'm protective of it. >> yeah, very excited. hear where they hide their medals. she's going to have the competition is, gabby is, aly raisman, the best floor routine which helped clinch gold. you can catch all of the gymnastics action tonight starting at 8:00. >> new this morning, people who are planning to cool off from the heat at a popular east bay lake are asked to take
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precautions. we'll get back to that 18 few moments. we have christie smith, we'll try to get back to her in a little bit. >> san jose police are looking for people responsible for a curveball shooting. it happened at the intersection of warm springs drive in east san jose. two men in their 20s were shot around 8:30. no word on a motive or arrests. >> san francisco's police chief continues to appeal for the right to arm his officers with stun guns. the chief believes a recent deadly shooting involving one of his officers could have been avoided if they had tasers. police shot and killed the man after he stabbed a co-worker. the chief talked about acquiring stun guns but those at the
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meeting lined up against the idea. >> and to express my deep disappointment the police are exploiting his death to try to get facers. >> i would just hike to save a life or two. >> he is the fourth police chief to ask them to green the light stun gun. >> stephanie chuang is live where planners decide whether to give the go ahead for a controversial project. good morning. >> this has been going on for some months now. the decision could come this afternoon by the county planning commission. this after two heated meet tgs last two nights in morgan hill and san martin. they are trying to build a mosque on a 15 acre plot. some argue it would bring unwanted traffic, noise, and
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hurt the water quality. they say it would contom nate the ground water under the property. they are being discriminated against based on their religion. >> if you're from this area you know that water is a huge concern. it's a big deal. people want to make it into other issues. >> i was told thast night that an individual from the patriot group we don't want you here. um sorry, in america, the u.s. constitution decides where i would like to fit. >> reporter: opponents have cited a thaes failed for a different project. staff says it was further downhill and a later soil test passed. so far they would have to meet restrictions including no sales of food or rev rajs and limited operating hours.
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on the seventh floor of the city county building. >> one bay area community backing off of a bag band. berkeley dropping plans to expand its ban to include more than 600 small businesses. the decision late last night means smaller stores will not be added to the list affected. right now only stores that take in more than 2 million a year are prohibited from giving out single use bag. rejecting that idea because the 175 cost to implement it. >> police planning or actually people who are planning to cool off are asked to take precautions. christie smith is live with a health warning at shadow's cliff lake. >> reporter: these are the days you want to come out and cool off. but the problem is this water quality is not what you would
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want it to be as a swimmer. shadow cliff lake is open today, it's an 80-acre lake after stanley boulevard. there are advisories posted. water tests found bacteria in concentrations above state standards. certainly you want to keep an eye on the little ones and after a swim make sure you shower and dry off metly. during hot spiels, they say it's not that unusual to have high bacteria at local lakes. water not high enough to trigger a closure. >> thank you. >> may want to head out to the coast. meteorologist christina loren joins us. you say santa cruz is going to look nice. >> it is but what really looks nice this morning, take a look
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at this stunning full moon over the bay area. now, the clouds will interrupt your perfect view from time to time. we have high clouds out there but beautiful clear shot of that from concord to livermore. from time to time as you head out you want to take a look you are going to get that full moon. then the sun will start to come up. a great looking day at the beach and bayside. 57 in oakland, also in sunnyvale. we'll peak in terms of warmth, if it wasn't too hot for you yesterday we'll get hotter today. by 3 to 5 degrees in some cases. also your vehicle will get hot in the direct sun light. the cooldown continues into the weekend. your seven-day forecast is next to go. for your detail. 80 at noon, 80 bay side and 69
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at the coast as promised. the 7-day moments away. mike's a busy man on a thursday morning. >> a lot of folks are. i'm not going to complain. i'm inside in a suit. others are working outside fruitvale to lift. the hard work going on. a little slow through the construction zone. eastbound 80 is away from the bay bridge, more construction past ash by but no major slowing. to the north bay a little slowing. south of that bridge. you come up another construction zone for the north bay. traffic is light. a smooth drive -- sorry this is the upper deck of the bay bridge into san francisco, and do we have another live shot? there we go. 880 around mission boulevard. i have so many cameras now i get confused. we'll end with this shot in fremont. >> that's a great thing, brings you views from flout the bay
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area. >> 5:08. still ahead, valley making a surge. the south bay now the envy of the nation. >> more people put more into retirement but get less out of it. >> a live look outside, olympic caldron burning brightly as we enjoy the london 2012 olympics. >> for the latest on traffic, weather and good things check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area.
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we've made major advancements in reducing the incidents of broken bones in seniors. we've received recognition for getting hypertension under control for over 80% of our members. we've made significant advances in asthma, immunization and maternity care.
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and j.d. power and associates ranked us highest in member satisfaction among health plans in california. we're focusing on the big things so you can enjoy the little things. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> welcome back everybody on a thursday morning. also known as friday eve. what a spectacular way to start
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you out here. we're going to double your pleasure. we start with a live shot from the south bay. that's san jose, kind of an artsy look at that, got the moon up there, the lights in the front. then we take it up north. this is from san francisco, the embarcadero. more lights and the moon glowing there off the water. that's very much worth the price of admission. it's 5:12. >> also look at your business news. the bay area job market taking top honors for job growth thanks to the tech industry. >> san jose's job market the strongest in the nation from june 2011 to june 2012. the next strongest jobs market, the san francisco, san mateo, marin region rose 3.6%. houston sugarland a 3.3%.
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>> scott mcgrew joins us. that's a bright spot in a disappointing jobs picture. >> sure is. if you look in the sugarland there's not a lot to be happy about as far as fast growth. tomorrow we get the july jobs number. the guess is by some that the nation added about 100,000 jobs in the past month. they don't expect the unemployment rate to change. another place where we're excelling is the south bay up to the peninsula to san francisco, all of those markets have turned the corner from 2007 lows. we're talking hard data, not wishful thinking. >> now, don't get too excited. we expect a sawtooth bottom, up, down, more importantly it's a very microstory at this point. so you have markets like atlanta or detroit, still in freefall. then you have other parts like miami or phoenix or here in the bay area where home values are doing quite well. >> the ceo of zillow there. if only the stock market would
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behave. the more we save the more we lose. good morning, jackie. >> good morning, scott. workers continue to stash cash away in their 401(k)'s but they may be further from their goals. fidelity saying the average balance in the 401(k) accounts $82,00 $82,000. the market fell nearly 3% over that period. fidelity is the largest 401(k) plan administrator with more than 12 million accounts. futures are higher after stocks closed in the red following the fed decision now as expected the fed didn't take new action to boost the economy but did promise to step in the conditions don't improve. investors turn to the europan bank.
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the european market slightly higher this morning. we're going to get data in the u.s. on unemployment and factory orders, the dow losing 37 points yesterday closing at 12,071. the nasdaq falling 19 to 2920. back over to you guys. >> thank you. coming up we'll take another look at facebook stock and see the trouble it's causing in sacramento. >> all right. interesting. thank you. >> 5:15 in the morning and back to the london olympics. and a first for bay area native kerri walsh-jennings and her beach volley ball partner lost a set. they never lost in their lives. in the end they wound up winning the match against austria. >> they are on pace to get the goal. >> you're just waking up, bay area athletes are in the water. >> we're about to show you some of the scores.
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the sport has not aired yet so if you would to wait, we'll have it later. we suggest you turn away from your screen. we'll show the results. the few sick stops you can look up be again. >> indeed. there you have it. it seems like every night is a big night when it comes to the swimming. >> it's a great team. tonight ryan lochte will dive into two competition, the men's 200 meter individual medley and the men's 200 meter backstroke. jessica hardy and missy franklin also swim the 100 meter freestyle and rebecca soni the 200 meter breaststroke. tonight starting at 8:00. it's going to be a great night
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for great swimming. >> a string of great nights. speaking of the swimming it looks like if you're out at the beach a good day for that. >> the medal count is close between us and china now. amazing. we make around 5% of the world's population so that is tremendous. let's take you outside. if you are inspired to swim, run, whatever it is by the olympics, you'll be able to do so inland. you want to get it done early as temperatures will get hot. under sunshine, starting with this live picture, a beautiful start. a full moon overhead. you can see it clear from time to time. we do have passing clouds. just a beautiful start. look where your temperatures are in the upper 50s in fairfield, concord, livermore. in san francisco the mid 50s so comfortable to start you out. let's talk about what's happening, take a look at the bay area. we have high pressure in
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control, this area of clearing. you can see these clouds wrapping up and around that ridge of high pressure. things change, a traufr is going to cool us down tomorrow, even more so as we head into the weekend so if it's been too hot you can likely give your ac a break and some of the east bay cities as we head through looks hike saturday and sunday. both days on the cool side. 5 to 8 degrees cooler friday. take you through your highs today. temperatures at about 93 in concord, 96 in livermore and 85 in san jose. and looks like i have a little background music. 83 on sunday. there is your cooler weather. here's mike, beep, beep, more sound effects for you. >> honk honking. construction going on. 101, though, this is what's going on. a smooth drive, easy flow under the 280/680 interchange a. good flow of traffic. as far as the volume coming through the south bay.
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you'll see that there's no major slowing through this area where the camera was. in fact, the rest of the area including el camino moving nicely. we move over to 85, we have construction going on in the northbound side. and the connector off 280 also has the closure in place where there are a lot of options on 28 through the area and avoid 85. a nice flow of traffic. we'll look at foster city side of the san mateo bridge. getting off the bridge you see a smooth drive in the westbound commute direction. there is the eastbound direction, slowing of course. i think i can for that truck. over to the east bay without delay. to the north bay, northbound 101 rarely a problem. southbound toward lincoln avenue. not enough to cause slowing. a smooth drive from 37 all the way down past the curve to what will be a taggy area.
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right now traffic flows smoothly. >> coming up, neck and neck, china and the u.s. battling for the most podium power at the olympics. a look just ahead. >> right now a live look at london, that is the olympic caldron burning brightly and strong. another big night of viewing and competition. lochte and phelps going head to head.
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>> 5:22. back to the london olympics. no cinderella story for the surprise olympian but we're proud anyway. scott placed fifth in the men's 200 meter breaststroke wednesday night. not bad considering the london games are his first international meet. >> fifth in the world, nothing to be ashamed of.
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>> amazing. usually you want to be a gracious guest when you're visiting a host. >> normally. at the olympics all is fair in world competition. all of that etiquette goes out the window at water polo. the men are looking to crush the britain team. there are four with local ties playing for team usa. this morning the match starts at 10:20 our time. stanford grad tony azevedo, layne beaubien and john mahn. >> they all look great. today's match could attract royal attention. prince william did show up to support great britain on july 31. the prince not the lucky charm. serbia ended up winning. >> the u.s. is still scoring big time. right now a spoiler alert. we're about to show you the the medal count. if you prefer waiting and saving
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it for tonight's broadcast we suggest you turn your head. when the music stops it will be safe to look at your television. >> another good night for olympics on tap, a great day in the forecast. checking in with meteorologist christina loren. >> you know what, can't hear you. we're going to figure out that mike issue, see if we can get it worked out. pretty nice temperatures. what about the morning commute? some problems out there? >> we have something to tell folks about. you see slowing away from the berkeley curve opposite your commute direction. construction going on in berkeley. a new issue, east shore highway, for those unfamiliar with the area the east shore highway, at
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gilman where i circled it. reports of an accident. that may affect you getting onto or off of the freeway. a smooth flow throughout the east bay off of the carquinez bridge. more construction, road crews still there south of the richmond san rafael bridge. no major issues for that portion, the commute not yet kicked in for san rafael. >> hopefully no issues in the microphone department. >> can you hear me now? >> good morning to you. >> we're taking temperatures high this morning. good morning. 80 degrees at noon. 4:00 p.m. at 96 degrees inland, bay side about 80 and at the court 69 degrees. the giants are back at it. excitement when it comes to our san francisco giants in addition to the olympics here on nbc bay area. we'll have that coming up. back to you two. >> thank you. >> 5:25 now.
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brace yourselves, a stunning upset to tell you about and no, we're not talking about the olympic games. >> a 50-year-old hollywood record is broken. for the past 50 year this is movie citizen cain has been the greatest ever. but this year another film took over the top spot. we're talking about the alfred hitchcock drama vertigo. it edged out by 34 votes, more than 840 movie critics surveyed. parts are filmed in san francisco. pretty cool. >> both classic. i love hitchcook. >> i'm a classic film fan. >> still ahead, politics. a place prayer is going up for a vote. >> burglaries are up.
5:26 am
why are officers in san jose's burglary crime fighting unit being sent to another department? we'll explain coming up. >> right now we take it outside, a live look over san jose. you can see that the sun now starting to bring some warmth to our day. the hottest day of the week. >> you can check us out on facebook. find us searching nbc bay area. ♪
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[ male announcer ] before they soar. ♪ before they perform. ♪ before they inspire. ♪ before they amaze. ♪ before they move us, we move them. proud to fly team usa for over 30 years. united.
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>> reporter: these are the days you want to grab the kids and cool off but there is a warning this morning at a popular east bay swimming spot. i'll tell you what it is coming up. >> boy oh, boy, she's right about that. hottest day of the week, one of the hottest days of the summer so far. mid 90s, even triple digits inland. change is around the corner. >> being the bay area we know hot days often mean foggy
5:29 am
mornings. i'll show you what is going on coming up. >> right now we'll show you a picturesque shot live over san francisco. pretty way to start your day on this thursday, friday eve, august 2nd, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. it's 5:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. new this morning, a health warning. at a popular east bay lake, "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in pleasanton and has an update on what was found at the shadow cliff lake out there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. by afternoon you definitely want to grab the kids and cool off out here. shadow cliff, a popular option for families, the problem is with the water. the lake is open but you don't want to swallow it, you don't want to dink it. that according to a warning that
5:30 am
east bay regional parks issued. they have signs up for swimmers because of high levels of bacteria. regional park says that the regular water quality tests that go on recently found bacteria above acceptable levels. don't drink it. you might have to keep your eyes on the little ones who would do that if you let them in the water at all. after swimming shower and dry off completely. shadow cliff is an 80-acre lake. a spokesperson says when it's hot like this it's not that unusual to have high levels of bacteria, even so, the levels were not high enough to trigger a closure. >> the san jose police department is poised to pull officers from a unit that has seen a huge spike in crime. it is pulling dozens from special units to beef up its 911
5:31 am
response. one of those units works burglaries. residential burglaries are up 73%. critics of that cut say officers should be added to the unit instead of removed. officers say they are just doing the best we can. >> we're all a little frustrated. we all want to do police work and it's hard. >> the chief says if the patrol division needs additional help they will pull the offers to hit the streets. >> a petaluma man has been charged with shooting three agents. they say victor flores shot them back in may. the the agents were preparing to arrest him for his role in a triple murder in south san francisco. if convicted of shooting the three agents he could face 60
5:32 am
years in prison. he could face the death penalty for the triple murder. >> police say a string of deadly shootings is the result of a raging dispute between members of a certain gang. they believe the conflict is behind seven murders including four in the past week. police are asking for the community's help so. far no arrests have been made in any of the killings. >> a family adventure ended in tragedy. the 41-year-old was on a guided rafting tour with her husband and two other family members on tuesday, they hit level 5 rapids which is near the top of the scale of difficulty. the raft wrapped around a trunk and was tossed into the water.
5:33 am
the incident is under investigation. >> very sad. 5:33. let's check things outside. another hot one. >> it is going to be a hot one. isn't that spectacular. this is what we all get to wake up to. just a beautiful shot of a full moon overhead. as we head throughout tomorrow morning we expect more cloud cover so enjoy the mostly clear start for you. all the way to san jose. san francisco, waking up with 54. headed to a comfortable day. peak warmth today, the hottest day of the week. sunny and breezy, not as hot as we head through tomorrow. we can take the temperatures down by 5 degrees, then cool you off substantially as we head into the kennedy. air quality is good just about everywhere except for the east bay. hour by hour forecast works like this. 80 inland. about 96 at 4:00 bay side,
5:34 am
hitting on the 80s and the beach will be spectacular. we'll talk about the giants and show you the cooldown. here is mike. >> we still have a crew out there for our northbound 85 through the south bay. that's between cupertino and mountain view. you see no slowing through the center of your screen. both directions the connector ramp still closed by road crews as well but there is a detour. the freeways through the south bay move. the yellow is on el camino, these just tipping down below 60. a look on the peninsula for palo alto, 101 both directions move smoothly with headlights into san mateo and san francisco. we'll show you how things are
5:35 am
shaping up. this is oakland. taillights away from us. construction going on downtown. the northbound side. >> it's 5:35. facebook stock continues to slide. it could cost you even if you didn't invest in the stp. the state of california believes it could be worth $35 a share by november based on estimates. but facebook stock closed yesterday just under $21 a share. if those numbers don't pick up the state winds up in a much bigger hole than what was banked on. >> the right way to do it is not anticipate funds also you see the money. you can say i'd like to make x amount of dollars. i'm going to askt i am. >> facebook would have to make drastic changes to turn its stock around.
5:36 am
>> we have breaking news on that stanford campus. mess this at this hour searching for a man who escaped as he was taken into custody. now he's on the loose in the area and has his handcuffs on. scott foster managed to es plap just after 2:00. the officer had been arrest forward domestic abuse. we'll continue to bring you all of the information as it comes in. >> romney going for gold? we'll tell you why you could say a member of the extended family making a bid. >> we take you back live. a free trip to london. a look at that caldron. now a shot outside. you see all of the spectators taking the sunshine and the festivities there, great time for team usa ahead. >> for the latest news, traffic, weather, find us on facebook.
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>> welcome back everyone. a live look outside, a little friend on the lens. a beautiful start to the bay area. this is a live look at the south bay. sun breaking over the bay area, nice temperatures on tap. a lot more ahead at 5:40. >> members of congress heading home for a month-long recess. but to tell the truth they still have a long to do list. tax increases and massive spending cuts set to kick in january 1. at this point no compromise in sight. brian mooar joins us live. with the election coming up soo at this point unfortunately it doesn't look like things are going to get easier, does it. >> reporter: come on, jon. the election is half full. these guys accomplished a lot before they go off on their 5-week recess. they managed to pass drought
5:40 am
relief for farmers, they keep the government running at its current levels which is maybe too much until early next year, but what didn't they do? oh, yeah, no farm bill, no health for the cash strapped post office and then the fiscal cliff thing we're going to fall off on january 1. come january 1, if lawmakers can't find some compromise, taxes go up for everyone, and huge gigantic catastrophic spending cuts kick in across the board. as far as the bush era tax cuts the senate and the house have both passed competing bills that are miles apart, republicans demanding that tax cuts kick in for everyone. the obama administration and democrats insist it's everyone under a quarter million dollars a year. will they be able to solve this problem? it is a literal and figure rative fiscal cliffhanger, jon,
5:41 am
maybe after the election. probably not. >> we'd like to keep our fingers crossed but not looking good. thank you. >> now to the london olympic games and mitt romney's wife, she's going for the gold today. >> kind of sort of. she's not competing but the horse she owns is. 15-year-old mare rafalca will compete in dressable. dressage is nicknamed horse ballet, when riders wearing top hats guide their horses through precise maneuvers. we're told ann romney will be there. mitt romney is campaigning in colorado. it's unclear if he will backtrack that he will not be tuning in to watch it on tv. maybe doesn't want to jinx it. who knows. plenty of siblings but no rivalry on the tennis court. >> that's right. first the ryan brothers and also the william sisters each compete
5:42 am
in the tennis quarterfinals. venus and serena playing a team from italy. that will be serena's second match of the day. she is set to start her singles match taking on denmark. back to bob and mike, against israel. >> double mint twins there. >> i can see an endorsement deal. >> the glow of an olympic win is monumental. >> this morning the american gymnast who took home bronze still celebrating with our own raj mathai. good morning. live from london. >> reporter: good morning and good afternoon here in london. tonight the women take center stage in gymnastics. joining us is danell leyva. >> thank you.
5:43 am
>> we were watching and everything was happening. at some point it didn't look good, then you bounced back. >> very true. pommel horse is my second rotation, second event. and on the dismount i didn't do it as i was supposed to. the way i did it makes it not count. missing a complete part of my routine, basically, so the score was low. but i used that as energy. i used that as motivation. a little bit of a kick in the butt if you will for my upcoming events and it helped that i knew that my last two are my strongest two. and i kept telling myself don't worry, you're going to get a medal. >> speaking of that everyone back in the san francisco bay area just waking up. can you flash that bronze. tells us what you think. >> it's a dream come true. they nut around my neck and all of the hard work, all of my friends, family, everybody supports me, just everything
5:44 am
went through my mind. huge amount of emotion. it's a beautiful medal. very happy about it. >> reporter: your perspective is interesting because like so many cubans you defected here when you were a young boy. what is your perspective as you hold, that not just in terms of gymnastics but in terms of your family history. this is for my coaches, my family, for all of the out u.s. and for all of the latin communities, for everyone who supported me and who still is supporting me and the rest of the team usa. >> the olympic trials for gymnastics were down at the hp pavilion. >> the crowd was amazing, not only with me, with everything. it was awesome. i hope we have more there. >> maybe do some tv after gymnastics so you want to do a little right now?
5:45 am
look into the tv and say laura and jon, back to you. >> laura and jon, back to you. >> ask him quickly. >> that was good. >> very nice. definitely so. you've got competition. he has the bronze around his neck. a lot of times he's got a lucky towel around his neck. >> how did that start? >> yes, the lucky towel. where is the lucky towel? >> my dad has these walking around but it's definitely with me. >> your dad is animated. >> he is. have a great day. >> from everyone in the bay area congratulations. >> very cool to have him live. >> the kid is a warrior. he was in 17th place, came back and got the bronze.
5:46 am
hang on. >> good morning to you. you know what, hopefully that inspired you to maybe go for a swim. we're going to get fantastic conditions to jump 18 pool. starting with a live look a phenomenal start. we're getting beautiful sun rises. the sun rises at about 6:15 this morning. right now this is a beautiful look from gorgeous conditions. throughout the day today, we're going to continue to see warm conditions. lows this morning are in the 50s. we're at 5818 fair field and 59 degrees this morning in sunnyvale. headed to a comfortable day. high pressure is going to keep us mild at the coast and over the bay. a cool breeze through the second half of the day. tonight temperatures are going to drop off so we're looking at comfortable weather as we head
5:47 am
through this evening. it will be hot and the highs come in at about 4:00 p.m. 5 to 8 degrees cooler. if you're looking for cooler weather, we have a significant cooldown into this weekend. 70 degrees in san ran. 75 degrees this morning in santa cruz. >> we're going to be comfortable. 96 degrees through this thursday. by friday, 89 degrees. then the low to mid 80s turn. here is mike. >> we have some slowing going on in the east bay. toward 980 there are issues. we have construction crew which should be ready to clear so you might see a traffic break cing up soon. we have activity just before 980, there were some rocks in the lane. then a bus mitt. now the bus is on the shoulder.
5:48 am
allow an extra five minutes through the area. a live look past the coliseum. thafk not flowing. smooth southbound. expect some slowing on schedule to about 6:30. another hook at the bay bridge we're seeing a smooth flow. the cash lanes starting a bit. no real slowing but fog may play a factor. >> a live look outs. northbound 101 past 101, a smooth drive. you can get your starbucks and get back on the freeway. you're okay getting in to the city. san jose, southbound side off tully, no delays. a smooth drive northbound, the commute, this is the build. slower build from actually past 680 and 280. >> thanks, mike.
5:49 am
>> it's 5:49. the olympics in full swing. a local high school football team now attracting big time national attention. >> the super 25 football pole and -- >> concord's high school ranked number 4 in the country. the school is one of though california teams on the list. the first game is august 4. >> our screen she is 2. give him 2. go with number 2. >> hopefully one by the end of the season. the first game is august 31. they take on debellarmine. >> coming up can do the robots. she does it. can you beat a robot in a dance-off?
5:50 am
>> scott even know we have that video? >> hey, easy. >> we'll show you. facebook hits another low. >> let's move on to a beautiful live look this morning. [ male announcer ] with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car.
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>> breaking news, we've got a live look at the stanford campus where police are searching for a man who escaped as he was being taken into custody.
5:53 am
he's now on the loose in the area with handcuffs still on. police say scott foster escaped from the police department after 2:00 this morning. he had been arrested for domestic abuse. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll continue to bring you information as it becomes available. >> facebook shares not so great. opening this morning a few pennies above an all-time low. scott mcgrew has the numbers. >> let's go to them. more than a story about invest terse losing money. facebook down 83 cents to $20.88. that is an all-time or close to an all-time low. one of the big concerns with facebook is fidelity recently sold at least 2 million shares. it's one of those big companies that handles retirement accounts, that kind of thing. fidelity is one of several big institutional investors involved in facebook and the concern is
5:54 am
other institutional investors will look at facebook's price and get out. and that creates, by itself, a downward pressure on the stock. the feds started talking about what to do to save the economy. they will take action they say. they have said they might take action or perhaps action is warranted, now the fed said will n. is exciting if you follow financial news. the fed has to hurry. the longer they wait to november the more political this is going to look. samsung, the trial begins on friday. the lawyer in the samsung case, the chief legal adviser for samsung, defending his actions after his law firm sent a copy of a document to reporters containing items that the judge in the case couldn't be revealed in testimony. the document indicated apple was jued by its apple design.
5:55 am
the lawyer says though he wasn't allowed to talk about it in court it wasn't a secret and in fact, reporters had been talking about it for a week. >> we goack to meteorologist christina loren to check out what's happening on your friday eve. >> so close to the weekend now. you're almost there. temperatures are going to be hot but we are going to see a much cooler weekend. so if you can brace yourselves, get through the 96 degrees in livermore too, 80 bay side, 69 at the coast. your full forecast in a few moments. >> we look to the san jose map. my sensors show speeds coming down. in the upper 50s as the volume builds. the live hook shows you more cars. let's get the live look out. we see a smooth flow of traffic. no lanes are slowing that much but it's getting crowded. the san mateo bridge moves nicely.
5:56 am
more cars. back to you. >> of course the world focusing on the london game, but halfway around the world in china the country's own olympic event. >> what separate this is is that all of the threats were robots. dancing robots. a team from china, mexico, south kree yarks all taking cart in the dance off. hook at that. the panda robotic, in case you're keeping score, china won with the most prizesment >> we'll be back after this.
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> right now we continue to follow breaking news. we've been following all morning long. >> police have been searching for a man who escaped as he was
5:59 am
being taken into custody. stephanie chuang just arrived on the scene at stanford live with new information. >> reporter: good morning. we just learned that the police have found the man they were looking for. they found him about a mile from the headquarters around galvez and embarcadero and el camino real. he was trying to disguise himself. police caught him. let's take a look at who they had been looking for. scott foster had been arrested for domestic violence this morning when he later in a patrol car at the headquarters managed to escape. we know he lives on campus, is not a student. at least one of his parents is affiliated with the school. that's the latest. we'll have more for you coming up live from the stanford campus. stephanie chuang, "today in the >>y."


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